Mattress size is important, as space can play a factor in sleep quality. Here is our handy guide to the standard mattress sizes and bed dimensions available in New Zealand. 

Mattress Size

Metric Measurements (mm)

Imperial Measurements (inches)

915 x 1900

36" x 74.8"

915 x 2030

36" x 80"

1055 x 2030

41.5" x 80"

1385 x 1900

54.5" x 74.8"

1525 x 2030

60" x 80"

1685 x 2030

66.3" x 80"

1835 x 2030

72.2" x 80"

2030 x 2030

80" x 80"


915mm x 1900mm  |  36" x 74.8"

Our Sealy Single mattresses are a great size for children of all ages, and can also comfortably accommodate adults. Sealy Single mattresses are 915mm wide and 1900mm long, so they make an ideal first bed, and are also a great space saver.


915mm x 2030mm  |  36" x 80"

Children grow fast and Sealy Single XL beds are a popular choice for parents who want to get the most out of our ten-year lifespan. The Sealy Single XL is the same width as a Single, but 2030mm long. It provides extra room to stretch out, without taking up too much precious bedroom space. Sealy Single XL beds are great for holiday homes and guest rooms as they comfortably accommodate adults and children.

king single

1055mm x 2030mm  |  41.5" x 80"

King Single mattresses have both extra width (1055mm compared to 915mm for regular singles) and length (2030mm), making them ideal for older children. This size is a great option for growing teenagers and taller adults who want more space, but don’t have room for a Double or Queen bed. Families are increasingly choosing to invest in our Sealy King Singles right from the beginning to save the hassle of changing beds as children grow.

While you’ll appreciate the extra sleep space, Sealy King Singles don’t take up too much room, they fit neatly into most bedrooms and are effective space savers in apartments. 


1385mm x 1900mm  |  54.5" x 74.8"

If you’re moving on from a Single bed, a Sealy Double is a great step up. The extra width will feel luxurious for one person and can also accommodate couples. Although we recommend a Queen or King mattress if you regularly sleep with a partner.

Double mattresses are great space savers and are a versatile option if you’re looking for a guest bed; they are also a popular pick for teenagers as many bedrooms will accommodate a Double bed.


1525mm x 2030mm  |  60" x 80"

There’s a good reason why our Sealy Queen size mattresses are so popular - they are a great size for couples – 1525mm wide x 2030mm long – so you can stretch out and be comfortable, whilst still fitting into the space available in most bedrooms.

Cosy in winter, but with enough personal space in summer, Queen size mattresses are a popular choice.  Our Sealy Queen size mattresses deliver year-round comfort and practicality.


1685mm x 2030mm  |  66.3" x 80"

The ideal bed for couples who want more room – or unrivalled stretching space for the single sleeper!  Our Sealy King size mattress dimensions are 1685mm x 2030mm, making it perfect for those who like a little more space.  While it is the same length as a Queen, the King size mattress delivers extra width, which means it’s large enough to provide a night of disturbance-free sleep – especially if you have young ones visiting your bed.

super king

1835mm x 2030mm  |  72.2" x 80"

If you’ve got a bedroom with enough space to accommodate this size, there’s nothing like a Sealy Super King bed.  The size 1835 x 2030 maximises your sleep experience with an astonishing amount of space – perfect for those who like lots of room!  The mattress conveniently sits on two separate bases which means you can get in and out of bed with less partner disturbance, making it ideal for shift workers, early risers and restless sleepers.

California king

2030mm x 2030mm  |  80" x 80"

Our Sealy California King size mattress dimensions are 2030mm wide x 2030mm long, offering a deluxe sleeping space for couples who love to luxuriously stretch out!  Research shows that for many people the additional space means a more restful, undisturbed sleep.  Our Sealy California King beds are becoming a popular choice for busy couples who need to be able to sleep well every night and wake refreshed for the next day.

If you have a bedroom with enough space to accommodate a bed of this size, the Sealy California King bed is the ultimate sleep experience.

Please note this size is available in our: Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite and Elevate collections only.

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