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Winter Sleep Style with Sealy Posturepedic & LeeAnn Yare

We are pleased to share with you the latest season concepts, so you can sleep in style this Winter.  LeeAnn Yare; stylist, writer and designer of all things interior, shares her top picks for this season.  Discover great ways for you to create a stylish bedroom environment, with colour hues and statement accessories that inspire.

1. Tell us about the concept behind this bedroom?

The focus for this bedroom is very much the Sealy Posturepedic Enhance bed, which provides a relaxing and restful sleep haven.  To help create the bedroom sanctuary, I combined earthy tones with a broad pink palette, and added plenty of layering.

2. Do you think you should update your bedroom look, with the change in season?

During the colder months, your bedroom becomes a sanctuary, so a seasonal makeover is a great way to create a cosy space.  This can be achieved through adding a few accessories, or you can go to more extreme levels and create an entirely new environment, through the use of paint - and more!

3. Why did you choose this colour palette?

Pink is very on-trend.  And, when it comes to pink, it's not one size fit's all - there are so many variations of pink and I really want to encourage people to not be scared of it.  The prettiness of pink can be made more masculine and dramatic by choosing deeper shades and pairing these with earthy tones.  Paint is such an easy way to transform a room, and by using paint in a more creative way, the entire room can become a life size artwork.  On the walls, I used Dulux Vinegar Hill, Dulux Dargaville and Dulux Martinborough, which are the perfect choices for a Winter Sleep Sanctuary.

4. Is it important to have a well-styled and organised room and does this help with sleep?

Absolutely.  It is important to ensure you give yourself a great starting point by creating a restful and relaxing environment, removing clutter can help with this.  Having the right bed is also essential, my favourite is the Sealy Posturepedic Enhance bed, which provides luxurious, deep sleep.

5. What do you think of the Sealy Posturepedic Enhance bed?

Everyone needs a great bed and Sealy Posturepedic are the consummate leaders in this space.  The bed designs are gorgeous too!  Investing in a great bed is essential to getting a great night’s sleep - all year round!

6. What are your current sources of inspiration?

Inspiration comes from what is going on around us.  Kiwis are getting braver with colour and injecting personality into their homes - that's what I would love to see more of!  A home should reflect the people who live there and not look like a catalogue.

Winter Sleep Style Tips with LeeAnn Yare

  1. Use the walls - be creative, remember that paint is a relatively cost-effective way to quickly transform a space.
  2. Mix don't match – layers and textures are key; simple additions can make a difference, look to buy new pillowcases, cushions or a throw, these pieces allow you to change a look with ease, without spending too much money.
  3. Spend wisely – invest in quality cotton bed linen, it is luxurious and great for your general well-being, plus will last for a long time.

What items from ‘Collected’ create this Winter Sleep Sanctuary?

Artwork, $455
Lightly copper pendant light, $395
Lightly planter, $129
Tealight holder, $30
Concrete candle, $40
Kip & Co queen duvet cover, $239

Kip & Co Velvet pillowcase set, $90
Kip & Co linen pillowcase set, $99
Pea cushion, $90
Mongolian sheepskin, $229
Rug, $189


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