Try to avoid heat build-up in your house during the day. Close the curtains to block out the sun and close the windows if the temperature outside is higher than it is inside.

As the sun goes down and the heat outside your house cools, open your windows and let a breeze into your bedroom. Fans can help shift air through your bedroom. Place a portable fan near an open window and leave your bedroom door open so air can move through your house.

Choose cotton bedsheets and light, loose cotton pyjamas. These prevent you from getting too hot, and can wick away sweat.

Take a cool shower before going to bed; this helps bring down your core body temperature, which aids the relaxation process.
Help cool your head, hands and feet at bed time. Place your pillow case in a zip lock bag and place it in the freezer for a few minutes before bed. Place your feet in cool water before bed, and keep your hands and feet out of the bedsheets.