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Q&A with Libby Matthews

One person who knows the importance of a regular night-time routine is Libby Matthews, one half of popular health guru enterprise Julia & Libby.  As a busy cookbook author and mum to baby daughter Maxwell, Libby understands the need for good quality sleep, given its role in health and wellbeing.


1. Do you have a night-time ritual that helps you to relax before you go to bed?

Every night before bed I remove my make-up, cleanse my face, apply night cream, have a warm shower and drink some peppermint tea. This helps to relax and calm my mind after a busy day.


2. What one thing do you have to do before you climb into bed that helps you with your sleep?

I always check on my daughter in her cot to make sure she's tucked in and warm.


3. Have you made any recent changes to your night-time ritual to help you get a better night’s rest?

Not having my nine-month-old baby in my bed. Sleep training has finally paid off and she is almost sleeping through the night, which means I'm not being woken up every two hours.

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