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Over the last four years, we have worked alongside some talented designers and celebrities, who have each created a unique and individual bed design, for our Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite beds.  These beds are auctioned on Trade Me during October and all proceeds are donated to the Breast Cancer Foundation New Zealand, with a minimum pledge of $25,000 each year.  Check out the amazing designs, created in our previous campaigns below!


Maria Tutaia
“Pacific Island Princess”

Silver Fern Maria Tutaia’s design is representative of Pacific Island females all over New Zealand.

“I wanted to express a beautiful, strong, Island female with long, thick, luscious hair with the hibiscus flower highlighting her ethnic roots.”


Stacey Morrison
“Retro New Zealand”

Well-known broadcaster, Stacey Morrison’s retro print of New Zealand is symbolic in a number of ways. “The colours remind me of my childhood and the addition of the Maori place names reflects our bicultural connection with the land.”

Her husband wrote the incantation around the bed base and it’s a saying they repeat to their children every night and translates to - ‘The sky is calm, the earth is at peace, the whole world is tranquil. Peaceful sleep descends, rest in the knowledge you are surrounded by deep affection, love and serenity. Rest now, rest well, rest is yours.’


Nadia Lim

Taking inspiration from the kitchen, Nadia’s design features a recipe for pancakes - her favourite weekend breakfast.

“One of my amazing fans illustrated this recipe and sent me the picture which I have framed in my kitchen and I thought it would make a cool bed design – you’ll never lose the recipe when it’s printed on your bed!”

Find the recipe here.


Lorraine Downes
“True Love”

Lorraine Downes’ design is very close to her heart with the words ‘Listen to your heart, it is where your truth is’ inscribed on the bed base.

“I believe everyone needs direction and support in one’s life path. In my design the heart represents where your truth lies and the Mandela design illustrates how the heart centre resonates out through this, affecting every part of your life. So listen to your heart first,” says Lorraine.


Steve Dunstan (Huffer)
“Rested Disorder”

Featuring a sprawling collection of personal belongings, Steve Dunstan’s unique bed design represents the ‘state of a busy life’ and captures the essence of his street brand Huffer.

“It speaks to a carefree youth culture. You haven’t got time to make your bed – you’re out socialising and having fun. Once you do come home, it’s time to crash.”


Hayley King (Flox)
“Bang, Bang Bunnies”

A vibrant depiction of the natural world, the bed design from Hayley King aka Flox was inspired by her recent exploration into New Zealand’s exploding rabbit populations.

"It’s a real honour to participate in this creative campaign, to raise awareness for a cause that is very real and serious for us Kiwi women. I want to play my part somehow and help in our fight to cure breast cancer.”


Owen Dippie

Known for his larger than life street murals, artist Owen Dippie chose to feature his familiar Maori Tiki design in the mattress design. The striking black-and-white print incorporates his initials O.D.

“My work has always been heavily influenced by Maori culture and this was no exception,” he says. “Over the years my Tiki has taken hundreds of different forms – from stickers on international streets to wood carvings and t-shirts. Now I’m so pleased it has taken shape in a bed design for this great cause.”


LeeAnn Yare

Returning from last year’s designer bed campaign, LeeAnn is back with another stand-out, colourful creation.  She says her one-off design is inspired by quality, handcrafted artisan products where no two are the same.

“Last year the designer bed campaign ended with such a fantastic auction result benefiting an amazing charity. I’m thrilled to be on board again this year.”



Denise L’Estrange-Corbet

​Denise’s inspiration behind her design was to create something ‘fun’, so bright and bold fabric was an obvious choice for her Sealy Posturepedic bed cover. Far from safe, the outcome is an eccentric and eclectic polka-dot cover that perfectly captures the essence of WORLD.

"I am very honoured to be involved in the Sealy Posturepedic Designer Bed campaign - it is great to see that such a large company like Sealy is also kind and philanthropic in its thought.”


Juliette Hogan
"Dalmation Silk Print"

Mixing an animal print with her love for monochrome, Juliette’s bed design provides a luxe revival of the print we all love.

“We all know someone affected by breast cancer in some way, so I feel passionate about giving back to the community and creating more awareness for so many women and their families throughout New Zealand”.


Elliot O’Donnell - Askew One

Looking closely, you can see the shell necklaces and hibiscuses Elliot has spray-painted for his geometric piece. In a time of extensive digital production, he pulls back his approach to ‘construct’ his art – focusing more on the props and accessories - in the initial photography stage.

“Not only do I support the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, but this is a really interesting thing to approach design wise – I had never thought of applying my art to a bed design and I'm stoked to be involved.”


LeeAnn Yare

Inspired by her most recent bed linen range for Collected, LeeAnn often works with chevron, triangles and dots. She has a thing for simple yet bold graphic shapes and for her one-off piece she really wanted to turn up the volume.

“It is such a privilege to have been offered the opportunity to work with Sealy and alongside three other amazing designers. It is a chance to give something back to the community and to raise money and awareness for such a deserving charity.”



Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson is a renowned New Zealand fashion illustrator and photographer. After graduating from Massey University in Wellington with a Bachelor of Design majoring in photography, Kelly’s distinctive illustrations have caught the attention of the international art and fashion community at large.

“I’ve had a thing for flamingos for a while and have been drawing them in my spare time. When approached to do a textile design for Sealy I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to use them, particularly considering the colour used to promote Breast Cancer is pink.”


Otis Frizzell

Otis Frizzell is a renowned New Zealand artist, celebrated for his graffiti-style art. Frizzell has more than 20 years’ experience in the art world and is arguably the nation’s highest profile graffiti artist.

“Since the whole project was about getting involved with Breast Cancer, I really wanted to do something with a feminine twist. I love painting flowers and came up with the Flowerbed design!”


Hollie Smith

Hollie Smith is one of New Zealand’s most respected musicians. Smith’s chart-topping 2006 single ‘Bathe in the River’ set the stage for her 2007 album Long Player which was released via her own record label and sold almost doubleplatinum.

“I wanted to find something a bit different, incorporating loads of vibrant colour without it being a specific picture. With this in mind I looked into a pixelated theme then into a kaleidoscopic theme and managed to create a reference that ended up incorporating the two.”


Tanya Carlson

New Zealand designer Tanya Carlson’s label ‘Carlson’ was born in 1997. Since then she has built a loyal following from New Zealand and abroad. Unique fabrications, hand dyeing and fine detailing, together with cuts that celebrate the female form, distinguish the Carlson brand. Now based in Auckland, Tanya Carlson owns three boutiques nationwide.

“I have always loved Morocco and been inspired by the colours and designs of their beautiful, intricate handmade tiles and wanted my design to have the same rich, baroque feel. Your bed should also be a place of beautiful dreams and restful sleep, so my design recalls the rich colours and exotic designs of the faraway places we all dream of visiting.”

Find out more about the Breast Cancer Foundation NZ here