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To find your perfect bed, we recommend you try our bed selector to identify the Sealy Posturepedic bed that might be best for you.  Once you have completed this, we recommend you visit your local Sealy retailer to try the bed. 

The tips below should also assist with your selection.

Happy shopping!

shop together

If you are shopping for yourself and your partner, we encourage you to shop together for your new bed. Comfort test a number of beds to find the sleep system that works best for both of you.

where to shop?

  • If you have had a positive shopping experience with a preferred retailer, we recommend you start with this store
  • Check the retailer offers the brand/product you prefer
  • Or, find a retailer from our list of recommended Sealy Posturepedic stockists

take the time to try the products

  • Take the time to lie on the bed, this is a valuable investment, to ensure you select the right product
  • We suggest you start with the Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite collection and try our other ranges from there (Crown Jewel, Premium, Performance, PosturePremier)
  • Once you determine which product segment is best for you, try an ultra-plush, plush, medium, firm and extra firm bed (these refer to the comfort levels) - more about this below

comfort levels

Comfort levels ranges from very soft to extra firm - so it is best to find out your comfort preference first. Remember, comfort is different for everyone. Try several different comfort levels when you’re in-store. A good mattress will provide you with the right support at every comfort level.

  • Ultra Plush – a very soft-feeling surface
  • Plush – firmer than the ultra plush, but not as firm as cushion firm
  • Cushion Firm / Medium – firmer than a plush, but softer than firm
  • Firm - a firm sleep surface
  • Extra Firm – the firmest of all the comfort levels


Step 1 - When heading out to find your new bed, it is best to put on some comfortable clothes, or consider taking your pillow along to the store, so you are able to recreate your normal sleeping environment, as much as possible.  Think about the size of the bed that will fit your the room best and think about your normal sleeping position.  Keep in mind that side sleepers usually need a softer comfort level, while front and back sleepers may prefer a more medium or firm feel.

​Step 2 - Be sure to try out each mattress (ultra-plush, plush, medium, firm, extra firm), so you can spend a few minutes to feel the difference and make a note of your preference.

​Step 3 - Once you find the comfort level you prefer, try a few product ranges within your comfort choice.  You may find it helpful to ask a retail sales person for guidance on the various features and benefits of each range.

​Step 4 - Once you have narrowed down your selection, we recommend you lie down on the bed for at least 10 minutes (in your normal sleeping position), this will help determine the product that is best for you.

If you need extra assistance, please get in contact with us, as we would love to help answer any other questions you may have?

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