How Are You Sleeping?

Do you try any of the following techniques to help you sleep better?

Do you have a consistent bedtime routine?

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A graph showing a comparison of how many number of hours people get per night.
A percentage comparison for different activities done by people before going to sleep at night.
A percentage comparison of how much people value sleep.
A percetage comparison of males and females on how they feel about going to bed.
A percentage of the different things that affect the quality of sleep.
A graph comparing of how people find getting out of bed in mornings.
A graph comparing when people feel tired during the day due to lack of sleep.
A pie graph comparing how sleeping routines change in the weekend.
A graph comparing how frequent do people take afternoon naps.
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* The Sealy Survey was conducted by Colmar Brunton on a nationally representative sample size of 600 people and has a margin of error of +/- 4%. Colmar Brunton