Calm mind state

A calm mind state is crucial for good sleep. Sleep onset is easier if the mind is not busy, not worrying, or overthinking. Our mind is normally busy during the day, but we need to give it a rest in the evening. If possible, avoid work-related activities after dinner, especially work that involves screens like laptops, computers, or phones.

If one tends to worry or overthink, having set evening routines, like having a warm bath, making a soothing tea, putting on sleep clothes, prayer, mild stretches or writing in a gratitude diary, can shift the mind from work/thinking mode to sleep/relaxation mode.

Comfortable body

A comfortable body is important for falling asleep. Making sure that you have a quality bed that provides comfort and support. Finding the right pillow and selecting the right linen, can make your sleep experience more pleasant and so sleep inducing. A dark room with minimal noise can be helpful as well. Physical conditions like pain, reflux, or restless legs, need to be discussed with your doctor, as this can impact on the quality of your sleep.

Right timing

Lastly, right timing is crucial for sleep onset. Our optimal timing of sleep depends on our body clock and sleep pressure. Even though many adults can fall asleep between 10-11 PM, a fair percentage cannot. Some, with delayed body clocks, will naturally feel sleepy after midnight and wake up later during the morning. We have a window for sleep that we do not have full control over. If one goes to bed earlier eg, 8 PM just because you want to get up early the following day, say because of an early appointment, most probably will not be able to fall asleep. Your mind is still typically awake at 8 PM and falling asleep will not happen just because you want to.

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