Sealy Bed

Step 1

Start with the best bed

Perhaps the best part of any hotel stay is the bed - hotels are renowned for comfortable beds that provide a luxurious and indulgent slumber that feels almost unworldly. A great mattress worthy of a five-star hotel is the very best investment you can make for your bedroom.

Woman making bed

Step 2

Wow with white

The best luxury hotel beds are fitted with predominantly all-white bedding. There’s something indisputably five-star about a new set of crisp white sheets.

Woman placing pillows on bed

Step 3

Create impact with bold accents

The best hotels excel in making daring design decisions - often combining a fabulous mix of textures and materials, with colour palettes that always include a pop of the unexpected.

Finished sealy bed

Step 4

Dress the bed

The one feature all luxury hotel rooms share is a perfectly made bed. The styling is always well considered and beautifully executed.

Woman hanging picture on wall

Step 5

Add statement pieces

Luxury hotel rooms consistently break the usual design rules - especially the one about using big furniture in smaller spaces. Take their lead and don’t be afraid to go big!

Woman fluffing pillows on sealy bed

Step 6

Create finishing touches

A beautiful, well-organised bedside table will help give your bedroom a hotel-like quality. Definitely take a less is more approach and keep the bedside free of clutter.

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