Summer is a great excuse to refresh and rethink our bedroom environment. Leading spatial and interior designer, Abbey Lang  shares her summer bedroom styling tips to help create your dream bedroom.

Start with the best foundation

The most important part of your bedroom is the bed – it’s the foundation for a good night’s sleep. It’s best to find a bed that suits your sleeping style (for example a side sleeper or back sleeper) and tailored to your individual needs, so it feels supportive and comfortable. Use bed linen made from natural fibres such as cotton, linen and bamboo - as these are breathable fabrics that allow for a comfortable sleep all year round. 

Consider the room layout

Position your bed to let in as much natural light possible - there is nothing quite like drawing open the curtains and letting the light stream in on a lazy summer morning. Bedside tables are a great complement to your bed, but they don’t need to be traditional and uniform. You can have two different bedside tables, or try a chair on one side and a table on the other. Think about what you need and the way you live, and choose items based around that. Aim to have at least one side of the bed with a surface, so that you can place a book, morning coffee and your favourite candle on top – all the essentials! Your bedroom is a space that can be tailor-made to you, so think about what you love and use these items as the basis of the room, draw inspiration and build from there.

Add summer colours

After long, hot summer days, it is refreshing to retreat into a calm and cool bedroom for rest and relaxation. Dress your bed in cool calming colours - think whites, shades of ivory, steel greys, blues and greens. If you want to bring in some warmer tones into the room (pinks, reds, rust, clay or ochre) use them as accent colours to compliment the bedspread.

Establish texture and form

Beds look the most comfortable and inviting when they don’t look too perfect - you want a bed that entices you to jump in after a long day. Linen bedding is the perfect material for creating this kind of effect, especially over summer. Linen is easy to care for and looks lived in and loved. Try layering different sized pillows (think: euros, bolsters, body
cushions, standard pillows) in different colours and tones to create interest. You can add even more texture with light weight cotton or linen throw refreshed-rows. Floors are another area within the bedroom where you can add colour and personality. I often look to rugs to add interest as they really anchor the space and add another layer of interest, especially on wooden floors. Just be sure that the colours tie in with the bedding and surrounding furniture.

Create a bedroom that sparks joy

Your bedroom is all about you. It doesn’t need to be based on fashion or trends, but on what brings you happiness. Surrounding yourself with things that spark happy memories, like a piece of furniture that belonged to someone special, a photo or piece of precious art. It could also be a beautiful candle, some shells from a walk on the beach, or a favourite plant. I like to use plants or flowers to bring in some green colour to my room. Choose things that make it your bedroom and the joy will come! 

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