Sleep & Music

Navy and burgundy pillows on a Sealy Posturepedic Bed


Slow and steady wins the race

Try to find music with 60 – 80 beats per minute, this beat helps to lower your heart rate and blood pressure, so you can relax before bed.

Girl listening to music on headphones in bedroom


Avoid music with a highly emotive element

Choose music that is neutral - rather than songs that may trigger strong memories or a sense of excitement.

Dimly lit bedroom with Sealy bed


Lyric free is best

Music without words tends to be most sleep-inducing.

Woman meditating while listening to music on headphones


Don’t use music too rigidly

As with all good bedtime practices, the use of music should be fluid to minimise stress and promote a relaxed state.

Sealy Posturepedic bed with navy and burgundy bedding and gold lamps


Be mindful of the rest of your environment

At the same time as incorporating music before bedtime, take care to ensure screen usage is minimal (particularly in the couple of hours before lights-out) and there is a winding down process with minimal lights, noise and interaction.  

Woman dancing on street listening to music on headphones


Try to incorporate music during the day as part of a healthy stress management approach

Make sure you consider other ways that music can help outside of the bedroom environment; in the same way that naps and meditation can support healthy sleep, the use of music throughout the day can be an effective tool for stress management.  

Sleep & Music

Sleep & Music

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