Kids Bedtime Routines with larissa Carlson

Larissa Carlson is a lifestyle blogger and mother of two who documents her life through creative storytelling on her blog The Leo Style. She shares with us her experiences and tips about sleep routines for children.

Kids sleep is a challenging subject for me to talk about as my husband and I have had a positive experience with our children however, I know it can be a struggle for many parents. Until recently, I felt I shouldn’t contribute to conversations that involved children’s sleep, as my own experience has been less challenging than most. My children generally only wake up when they need something and then peacefully got back to sleep. Recently over a coffee, a fellow mama asked me to share my experiences with kids sleep. I provided her with some tips and when we met up several weeks later, to my surprise she had incorporated some of our nightly habits into her own routine. She reported back that they had worked really well for their youngest child, so this has given me the confidence to talk openly about my positive experiences. The experience with my fellow mama has reinforced to me that parenting really does ‘take a village’ and all our learnings can help us to support each other through the most challenging but rewarding experience – raising children.

My evening routine is very important for my well-being. Instilling a feeling of calm instead of chaos is a priority for both my husband and I, before tucking into bed. It’s our ‘me-time’ and it’s no different when it comes to the kids. It makes perfect sense and equally, if not more important for them to experience the same benefits with their own night-time rituals.

Here are four sleep time concepts we use in our household for our children. Keep in mind that although they may seem fairly simple, the toughest part is being consistent.

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