Woman stretching

Tip 1

Move your body regularly

The World Health Organization recommends we exercise for 150 minutes each week, to maintain good health. It really doesn’t matter what exercise you do – try running, yoga, walking for an easy way to get fit.

Woman pouring smoothie into glass

Tip 2

Eat nourishing, real foods

Food fuels how you think and feel. When it comes to making better choices about what to eat each day, a good rule of thumb is to stick to foods that grow in the ground, on trees, or move (if you’re not vegetarian, of course!)

Woman hydrating with drink bottle

Tip 3

Stay hydrated

What we’re drinking each day can have a big effect on how we’re sleeping at night, too. As always, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day and avoid any caffeine in the six hours before bedtime.

Woman meditating on bed

Tip 4

Practice mindfulness

It can get tricky trying to find the time in our busy schedules to sit and be mindful, but it really can help with our overall well-being. Mindfulness is all about living in the moment and being happy ‘in the now’, rather than feeling stuck in the past or worrying about the future.

Woman lighting candle in bathroom

Tip 5

Enjoy a warm bath

If you have access to a bath, this can be a great ritual to add to your routine. It’s a good chance to soak and let go of any stress (or practice that mindfulness) and sets you up for a relaxing end to the day before going to sleep.

Tip 6

Invest in a quality bed

A comfortable, quality bed makes a big difference to how we sleep and how we feel when we wake up in the morning. A bed that is too hard, too soft or too hot for your personal sleep profile, doesn’t make for a restful sleep. It’s important to consider how you sleep and ensure you select a bed that offers you the right level of comfort. Look for a bed that offers both support and functionality for helping you to keep cool and comfortable at night.

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