Melissa Greenough​

What made you want to get involved with the Sealy Designer Bedroom project?
I’ve had several friends and a few family members that have suffered through breast cancer. Some of them have survived and some haven’t, so this charity is something that is quite dear to my heart. 

Having had so many people near to me affected by this disease, I was really happy to have the opportunity to take part in the Sealy Designer Bedroom project, it was an honour to be asked. 

Talk us through the concept for your room …
I wanted to create a really muted, serene space, but with little pops of colour so that it wasn’t morbid or cold in any way. It was my intention for this space to feel comfortable and calm, just like a sanctuary. I wanted to create the sort of room that someone who wasn’t feeling well could rest, read and relax in. 

The plan was to create something that was feminine, but not too feminine. I used muted colours and little accents of that muted pale pink as a nod to breast cancer which gives the room a feminine feel. There are a few masculine touches to the room, like the strong, black framed mirror, which also highlights my theme of reflection, along with the black framed drum table. 

By keeping the room simple and timeless I felt it would suit all sorts of different people and they could add their own bits and pieces to it. People from different walks of life with very different styles could walk into that room and be able to put their mark on it and make it their own. 

What’s your favourite element of the room?
Seeing the Belgian linen printed in the gorgeous chinoiserie pattern on the cushion sparked my whole inspiration for the room and I started building the other ideas in the room around that fabric.

It is a limited-edition fabric and it is the most beautiful natural linen with a very unique, Chinese style print.  The fabric almost has a mystical feeling to it, with the birds and the different muted, pale colours that rest on the pale blue background. When I saw that fabric I knew I wanted to create a cushion that could sit centre stage on the beautiful pink Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite bed.