Dame Trelise Cooper

Dame Trelise Cooper is a celebrated New Zealand fashion designer and businesswoman with a career that has spanned over thirty years. Celebrating all that it means to be a woman, Trelise is passionate about making women feel good. Driven by the transformative effect a garment can have on elevating how a woman feels about herself is at the forefront of her renowned, highly elaborate, and spectacular fashion.

What inspired your bedroom concept?
My inspiration comes from what the bedroom means to me - a place that brings peace, comfort and is my own private space. It is a little floral, a little pink with a variety of textures so the bedroom reflects me and everything I love.

What’s your favourite element of the room?
I love our neon sign! I worked with the awesome team at Radikal Neon on this custom piece.  I wanted to add soft lighting, that would allow a reflection of the twinkles from the sequined, beaded cushions.  I chose the words to represent Falling Deeply into the intimacy of your bed, into a deep and restorative sleep.

Why is working with BCFNZ important to you?
Breast cancer has always been important to me and I’ve worked with a number of organisations focused on reducing the impact this horrible disease has and trying to find a cure.   As a business leader and a woman, I employ a lot of women and my customers are female, so I have come across many women who have been affected by breast cancer.  It affects everyone and is something that I hold close to my heart.

How important is sleep to you, what do you love the most about your bed?
My life is intense and full-on. I’m often tired and jet-lagged, so coming home to a beautiful, peaceful haven – where I can stop, relax and restore – is very important to me.  I make sure that my bed is always made so that I’m coming home to a bed that is uplifting to look at and welcoming, and something that I want to get into at the end of a long day.   Your bed needs to support you and make you feel completely relaxed. It’s key to get a good night’s sleep, so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

Radikal Neon Sign $500.00
Paper Flowers $648.27
Rose Linen Duvet, Super King $94.99
Fur Throw, Dusty Pink $104.49
Sheepskin Cushion $65.99
Rose Linen Pillow Cases x2 $37.99
Oxford Pillows x2 $79.80
Velvet Quilt $329.90
Sleep Mask $9.90
Flat Sheet Pink, King Size $65.00
Fitted Sheet Blush, King Size $42.49
Pink Pots and Pebbles x2 $26.00
Trelise Cooper Silk Robe GIFTED
Light Up Cubes GIFTED
Floral Linen Pillowcases GIFTED
Gold/Pink Beaded Pillow GIFTED
Total $2004.82