Alex Walls​

What made you want to get involved with the Sealy Designer Bedroom project?
The Sealy Designer Bed campaign is something I look forward to seeing every year because it’s always so creative. Sealy is doing an amazing thing by donating the proceeds of this project towards Breast Cancer Foundation NZ and it’s just a really cool thing to be involved in. 

I myself, had a bit of a scare last year which fortunately didn’t end up being breast cancer, but in that moment, I thought about how fragile our lives are and how important it is to be the best person you can be while you’re here.   

I would always jump at the chance to help Breast Cancer Foundation NZ, even if it just contributes to making someone’s life a little bit better for the last few months they have with their family. The Sealy Designer Bedroom campaign gave me that opportunity. 

Talk us through the concept for your room …
I’m typically attracted to quite a natural palette – pretty, earthy colours inspired by nature, so that’s where I went with this space. I’ve called the room ‘Nature’s Calm’, as I find the act of walking along the beach, or through native bush, to be very relaxing. I thought about the kind of environment that makes me feel calm and allows me to take deep breaths of fresh air and for me, this is nature. 

I have used earthy tones throughout my room to help remind us that life is precious and to be thankful for the pure beauty of nature and creation. “The colours I’ve used reflect this natural inspiration. On the floor we’ve got a beautiful dark Dulux green that really pulls the whole room together and reminds me of walking through a forest.”

“For any one that is going through breast cancer or in recovery, I imagine that they would want to be in a place that makes them feel calm, warm and loved, so I designed a room where I would feel comfortable.” 

What’s your favourite element of the room?
I love all of the colours and how they work together. This room has a beautiful colour palette which really aligns with nature. My favourite piece within the room is the female form artwork which perfectly applies to the whole idea of the campaign. Breast cancer is about women’s battles and no matter whether you’ve been left with scars or not, the body is always beautiful.