Designer Beds

A sound, beautiful & rewarding rest

Thank you to all those who participated in our Designer Bed Charity Auction, we have raised over $12,000 for the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation.


Each of the beds was designed with a fabulous fabric design, created by one of our talented ambassadors – fashion illustrator and photographer Kelly Thompson, musician Hollie Smith, clothing designer Tanya Carlson and artist Otis Frizzell.

Otis Frizzell

Otis’ Flowerbed reflects both his love of painting flowers and his desire to do a work that reflects a feminine perspective.

Hollie Smith

Hollie searched for something different, incorporating loads of vibrant colour, without it being a specific picture – and so produced Kaleidoscope.

Kelly Thompson

Kelly ‘had a thing’ for Flamingos and thought the Sealy project would be a perfect opportunity to use them – especially since pink is the colour used to promote breast cancer awareness.

Tanya Carlson

Tanya has always been inspired by the rich, baroque colours and designs of Morocco, so has chosen this as her theme.


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